Complete Filtration Solutions

Remove Solids and Liquid Contaminants from Water and Air

Power Energy Filtration provides complete solutions to all your filtration problems through products, solutions, and services to all petrochemical, refinery, manufacturing, power, and commercial water treatment industries. 

Power Energy has two options for your filtration requirements. One is the replacement of the existing filters, media, technologies or systems with more optimal filtration systems. The second is the complete package for your process and discharge problems through modular custom-built systems. 


Options of Filtration Solutions

Replacement Filter Solutions

Replacement Filter Solutions

Replacement Filter Solutions




Filter Elements, Media Filters, Chemicals, and Membranes

Power Energy Filtration Solutions has a wide range of products that includes standard particle removal filters to specialty filter elements that remove amines and glycols from water. The variety of options will enable the customers to replace the existing underperforming and highly expensive filtration systems with highly effective and economically viable superior alternative solutions. 

The filters are readily available to be deployed to the site. Our technically capable site team install the filters as well as operate and service the system on a 24 x 7 basis. 

Complete Filtration Package

Replacement Filter Solutions

Replacement Filter Solutions




Ready to Deploy Modular Systems 

Power Energy Filtration Solutions has designed and built modular systems that will solve your filtration problems. These systems can be utilized as a standalone system or along with other modules.  

The modular systems include the individual modules for solids removal, oil removal, adsorbent media, coalescing elements, high-flow elements, separation systems, and specialties like amine, TOC, BOD, COD, and membrane systems.

Custom Filtration Solutions 

Our globally experienced technical team can evaluate your problem, design a customized solution, engineer,  build, mobilize, commission, startup and operate the system on a 24 x 7 basis